Our unique approach to improving adherence represents a new world of educating healthcare professionals and empowering patients, driven by the intersection of behavioral science and technology.

a:care is a pioneering program based on state-of-the-art research on behavioral science and medical adherence. It offers comprehensive information and resources to support you as healthcare professionals in better understanding the motivation, beliefs, and behaviors related to adherence, and how this can be used to provide care to your patients.

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A series of in-depth articles has been developed to provide digestible learning resources around the role behavioral science plays in adherence, including practical insights relating to therapy areas.

How do Patient Support Programs impact adherence?

Some Patient Support Programs (PSPs) considerably increase adherence rates while others only have limited impact. Behavioral science theories and advances in digital technologies can enhance PSP program engagement and improve their effectiveness. Non-adherence is a major issue that can be addressed by PSPs Non-adherence is a major barrier limiting the benefits of clinically effective treatments. …

Personalizing adherence support with Patient Support Programs

Patient Support Programs (PSPs) are behavioral interventions designed to help patients adhere to their medication and treatment plans. To reach the broadest patient population, PSPs increasingly incorporate digital components such as text messaging and web portals. “Personalization” applies behavioral science techniques to digital interventions to increase the effectiveness of interventions. Patient Support Programs are behavioral…

“Nudging” patients towards better adherence to improve outcomes

Key messages: “Nudging” increases the likelihood of a given behavior by invoking a patient’s System 1 decision making process. Nudging techniques are increasingly used by governments to shape healthcare and other public policies. Nudging techniques can also be used to enhance treatment adherence in clinical practice. As described in previous articles, adherence to treatment for…

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The a:care program aims to help reinforce the alliance between the patient and their healthcare provider team. a:care offers information and training to healthcare professionals to help them identify and manage patients’ behavioral, emotional and psychological drivers which impact adherence.

A key part of our educational tools is the series of masterclasses, developed with globally respected experts in behavioral science to share the latest behavioral science techniques on how to best help people on their health journey.

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